Our Way

The perfect recipe with well-balanced ingredients.

As Italians, we love to cook! With the same passion we prepare the perfect experience for our customers. We start from creativity, drawing inspiration from the outstanding treasures of Italy. In decades of work, experience and success, we have developed “our way” to MICE services, that is to say we match innovative technologies with proven competence. It’s a matter of searching for added -value service, going beyond what is usually expected: this is our way of working “with” and “for” the customers. Then we care for every single detail on the ground in a flexible way to adapt to last-minute changes while always fully respecting the settled budget. Finally our most desired award: the complete satisfactions of each customer.

Italian Style

All of our events feature that very special extra “touch”, that enthusiasm and lively atmosphere, typical of the unique Italian style.


Our expertise and yearly experience enable us to deliver high quality services for unforgettable memories.


We stimulate creativity and originality so as to propose best solutions and unique experiences.


Standard procedures are strictly followed by our team, to achieve excellent quality of services. All hotels, venues and activities are always checked prior to being proposed.


We do provide detailed contracts to guarantee full respect of settled budget and a clear situation of the commercial agreements.


Our team spirit allows us to quickly carry out adjustments or changes resulting from last-minute needs and unexpected events.

Buying Power

We constantly strive to consolidate our market position by smart negotiations with our suppliers for our client’s benefit.


We aim at achieving excellent results: each and every successful event is our prize, our real reward.


We do care about building long-lasting relationships based on respect.