Insurance Company

Gastaldi International Srl belongs to Gastaldi Group and is a market leader in Italy as Third Party Administrator (TPA) acting on behalf of foreign marine insurance and reinsurance companies. Since 1962, the Company is acting as Lloyd’s Agent for Italy; it is also correspondent of The American Institute of Marine Underwriters (A.I.M.U.) as well as agent of the Comité d’Etudes et de Services des Assurers Maritimes et Transports de France (C.E.S.A.M.) in Milan, Genoa and Naples.

Nowadays, Gastaldi International Srl source the best insurance solutions for any type of business, partnering with the most reliable Insurance Companies on the market.

In cooperation with Borghini e Cossa, one of the leading insurance brokers for tourist companies in Italy, Gastaldi International has selected for Gastaldi Global DMC the UNIPOL Professional Civil Liability for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies (R.C. Prof.), Third Party Liability (R.C.T.), Employers Liability (R.C.O.) featuring a liability coverage of Euro 33.000.000,00 per person per event.

The Unipol Group is the second largest insurance group on the Italian market and first in Non-Life business, classified among the top ten in Europe.

Covid-19 Package Italy

Gastaldi Global DMC press release

Gastaldi Global DMC offers to its guests a Covid-19 package that includes an assistive coverage for all guests that travel to Italy, the best masks on the market, hand sanitizer, an information brochure with the guidelines to be followed in Italy, gloves if necessary.

“Best way to make your guests trip to Italy safe and secure”

Gastaldi Global DMC has settled a complete insurance package to guarantee all its passengers the maximum protection of the person and of the holiday value in consequence of the risks associated with Covid-19.

Three guarantees are provided, which are valid during the journey:

– daily allowance for hospitalization;
hospitalization for more than 5 days for each subsequent day (i.e. starting from the sixth day) € 100.00, maximum sum payable € 1,000.00.

– convalescence indemnity;
hospitalization in an Intensive Care unit, convalescence indemnity equal to € 1,500.00

– refund of expenses.
in the event of an isolation / quarantine spent in one of the accommodation facilities originally booked, the expenses for forced use of services and for the eventual extension of the stay up to a maximum of € 2,000.00 per Insured Party;
in case it is not possible to spend the isolation / quarantine in one of the booked accommodation facilities, any eventual hotel / accommodation expenses to be borne by the Insured Party within the limit of € 100.00 per day for a maximum of 14 days;
penalties charged for reserved and unused ground services within the limit of € 2,000.00 per Insured Party;
costs relating to the modification or remaking of the transport tickets originally purchased in order to prosecute the trip and/or to return to one’s residence, up to a maximum of € 2,000.00 per Insured Party and net of any refunds received from the carrier;
a compensation of € 100.00 per day for a maximum of 5 days as compensation for the inconvenience suffered.

The Package will make you feel safe during your trip to Italy!